Jay Leno Still Isn’t Funny

We hear tall tales that at one point in Tonight Show host, Jay Leno’s life, he was a comedian. That seems pretty far fetched, especially since old people told us that and they’re always liars, making up crap like slavery to impress us. Whatever. Anyway, the point is, Jay Leno is certainly not funny now and he shows anyone who cares to watch, 5 nights a week.

Last night he took a “shot” at Missouri and one Senator’s attempt to get those little children fingers back out there, doing important work for America by allowing children under 14 to work and stopping future child labor inspections and removing children work time limits. Here’s the setup:

And in Missouri, Republican state Sen. Jane Cunningham has introduced a bill that would eliminate her state’s child labor laws…

Oh man, this is kind of a weird bill. He could go a lot of places with this. Will he make a reference to how those little 12 year old arms with boundless energy are perfect for shaking the “instant meth” bottles? …or how since kids already play with balloons, and they get a pass at security, they don’t have issues with swallowing a few to get some “candy” across the border? …maybe he’ll mention the Cardinals new cost-savings plan to have kids spending their tween-years replacing the “Pujols” on jerseys with (Brad) “Hawpe” [Editor’s Note: No. No one else has heard of him either.] Can’t wait to see where master observer Jay Leno takes this golden setup…

Well, yeah, I mean, why should the 10-year-olds in China be getting all the good factory jobs?

…and there you go. Horrible.

We would rather have a homeless guy give us the shocker than listen to Jay Leno. Which says a lot because last time we did that it was unpleasant at best.

via STLToday