More on Dave Duncan’s Sandy Vagina

Last week we broke the story that Cardinals pitching coach is a pussy, and now we get more information on the status of the amazing amounts of sand stuck in Dunc’s vagina from STLToday’s Joe Strauss. A lot of this story is stuff we already knew and talked about in our last article, but Strauss does drop some new info like when Dave threw a hissy fit in the clubhouse after the Cardinals traded his son to the Boston Red Sox. [Read More]

We Hate to Say it but Dave Duncan is Pretty Much a Pussy

It pains us, it really does, but as the evidence mounts, we have no choice but to stamp long-time Cardinals pitching coach with the dreaded “pussy” label and last we checked there’s still no crying in baseball. Lets quickly recount the ways… Its one thing to get pissed a little when people rag on your son, its another thing when your son is a major leaguer, and its a whole different thing when your son is a poor major leaguer and is still up here only because he’s clearly given leeway that other players that aren’t related to the pitching coach get. [Read More]

Chris Duncan: A Retrospective

Chris Duncan: A Retrospective
Chris Duncan is now being packed in bubble-wrap and being shipped to Boston, who then won’t even open the package, but instead ship him to their AAA club in Pawtucket. Duncan’s tenure in St. Louis has been one the most rollercoaster-esque rides we have seen a player be on in a long time. The fans cheered, the fans grumbled, then cheered, then grumbled again, then cheered again, then booed, then went freaking crazy and then he was gone. [Read More]

Has Chris Duncan Been Traded? Yes! (Updated x 4)

Update #4: Trade talk: ,, Boston Update #3: Trade back on! In a tweet from Bernie Miklasz: “Cardinals trade C. Duncan for J Lugo …. Cardinals won’t be responsible for Lugo’s big salary;” Viva El Birdos was right all along! Nice scoop guys! Update #2: The optioning of Duncan has been further confirmed by Joe Strauss over Twitter and by Update #1: Bernie Miklasz said on 101 ESPN at 11:49pm that Chris Duncan will be optioned to Memphis, saying all player moves are “internal” meaning Julio Lugo is not involved. [Read More]