More on Dave Duncan’s Sandy Vagina

25duncan.1.600Last week we broke the story that Cardinals pitching coach is a pussy, and now we get more information on the status of the amazing amounts of sand stuck in Dunc’s vagina from STLToday’s Joe Strauss.

A lot of this story is stuff we already knew and talked about in our last article, but Strauss does drop some new info like when Dave threw a hissy fit in the clubhouse after the Cardinals traded his son to the Boston Red Sox.

Dave Duncan reacted harshly upon learning of the trade the night of July 21. While reporters were shooed from the Minute Maid Park visiting clubhouse, Duncan lashed out at the team’s training staff in front of players for its handling of his son.

…recently Duncan took his “personal day” and then came back to the club and promptly left again, this time without asking anyone:

Duncan did not specify his reason for missing Tuesday’s series opener against the Houston Astros, nor did Mozeliak ask for one. However, it was the first time manager Tony La Russa could remember his chief lieutenant missing a game for a reason other than suspension since the two joined forces with the 1983 Chicago White Sox.

Also, Duncan continues to create verses to the “Everyone is super super mean to my son” song:

“Chris was not shown respect,” Duncan said. “The stuff he dealt with, the stuff he heard and was subjected to … I don’t know of any player in this town who went through what he experienced in the time I’ve been here.”

Um, Izzy on line 3 for you Dave.

Its long since been reported that even early on Dave was overly protective of his son, go as far as Tony LaRussa to warn reports to avoid Duncan Sr. because of something they wrote, which is completely ridiculous.  Nothing wrong with caring for your son and wanting to protect him, but that is some BS right there Dave.  Take for instance the times where ole Dave has thrown a few nasty comments towards guys like Jason Marquis or the comments he tossed at Chris Perez on his way out of town, if Dave was Mr. Perez would he have tracked that pitching coach down?!

So now the question is, will Dave Duncan be back next year with the Cardinals?

“I’m not ready to make that decision right now,” he said. “When I do, it will be a personal decision, not a professional one.”

Face it, he’s gone folks, and after all this we’re not exactly torn up about it.