More on Dave Duncan’s Sandy Vagina

Last week we broke the story that Cardinals pitching coach is a pussy, and now we get more information on the status of the amazing amounts of sand stuck in Dunc’s vagina from STLToday’s Joe Strauss. A lot of this story is stuff we already knew and talked about in our last article, but Strauss does drop some new info like when Dave threw a hissy fit in the clubhouse after the Cardinals traded his son to the Boston Red Sox. [Read More]

We Hate to Say it but Dave Duncan is Pretty Much a Pussy

It pains us, it really does, but as the evidence mounts, we have no choice but to stamp long-time Cardinals pitching coach with the dreaded “pussy” label and last we checked there’s still no crying in baseball. Lets quickly recount the ways… Its one thing to get pissed a little when people rag on your son, its another thing when your son is a major leaguer, and its a whole different thing when your son is a poor major leaguer and is still up here only because he’s clearly given leeway that other players that aren’t related to the pitching coach get. [Read More]