The Tampa Bay Rays’ Luke Scott Sounds Like a Smart Guy

Has the balls to call out Boston Red Sox baseball and their self-righteous fans? For Scott, who was a member of the Orioles when Baltimore beat Boston on the last day of last season to help prevent the Red Sox from making the playoffs, it’s the second time in as many months he’s taken a shot at the Sox. During spring training, he said keeping Boston out of the playoffs was even more pleasing because of his disdain for its fans. [Read More]

Has Chris Duncan Been Traded? Yes! (Updated x 4)

Update #4: Trade talk: ,, Boston Update #3: Trade back on! In a tweet from Bernie Miklasz: “Cardinals trade C. Duncan for J Lugo …. Cardinals won’t be responsible for Lugo’s big salary;” Viva El Birdos was right all along! Nice scoop guys! Update #2: The optioning of Duncan has been further confirmed by Joe Strauss over Twitter and by Update #1: Bernie Miklasz said on 101 ESPN at 11:49pm that Chris Duncan will be optioned to Memphis, saying all player moves are “internal” meaning Julio Lugo is not involved. [Read More]