KMOV Reporter Likes the Interim U City Principal…Like Likes Her…Totally

You know how when a local high school anoints someone the interim principal everyone wants to talk about the big news and really pour over the effectiveness of the person who’s job is to keep the seat warm for the eventual principal, which then obviously leads to people clamoring for a local news anchor no one’s heard of to go on to the station’s website and tell everyone what he thinks about the interim principal after calling a meeting with her as if he, the principal or any of this matters?

What the hell do you mean you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about?! Ok, so maybe the that senario isn’t exactly true, but if so, no one told KMOV’s Mark Schnyder, because he did the part about meeting with the interim principal and telling everyone what he thinks of her on anyway.

I met Dayle Burgdorf Thursday morning at University City High for an interview on her effort to get attendance up at the high school.

She’d been an assistant principal there for years and is currently the interim principal.

While visiting with her during a class change in the hallway, I was entertained watching her watch her students.

Where the hell is this going?

I was glad to see not too many kids had their pants hanging down.


I noticed a couple.  She notice one, she didn’t like it and she made it known immediately.  She walked briskly down the hall to catch up with the young man,  had him walk back to where we were, got him to cinch up his pants and get back on his way.  Nice.

…sounds great. The extra little embarrassment of having the kid walk back to where the reporter for KMOV was standing so he could reprimand the kid in front of him didn’t have anything to do with the fact that she probably wants the “interim” part from her title dropped or anything though right?

I saw a girl walk by wearing shorts waaaay too short.

1…2…3…4. 4 a’s. We’re pretty sure MLA style restricts you to 3 a’s for showing shock at how short a girls shorts are in writing, but we’ll let this slide because this whole article is skewing pretty hard in to “dear diary” territory.

Before I could finish rolling my eyes, I saw Dayle gently stop her and say something to her.  I walked over to the interim principal and joked, “Did you compliment her on her shorts?”  She told me she told the student to meet her in her office in a few minutes to discuss her wardrobe malfunction.

She told one kid to pull up his pants, but this girl gets a “conversation”? How is it going to be any more of a conversation than “You’re shorts are too short.”

I also appreciated this…

Oooh ellipses! Building the drama…love it…

Another girl was wearing a nice dress…

More ellipses! What’s coming next?! It was a nice dress…but she had a holes in the back to make it “ass-less”? It was a nice dress…but it was just low cut enough to show her “Dick Sucka” tattoo across her chest?

Looked professional even.  Dayle complimented the student on how nice the dress looked.  Positive reinforcement.  Gotta like that, too.

Total let down. Worse. Ellipses. Ever.

Schnyder continued “I saw another kid playing Madden on a PSP walking down the hall, but the principal quickly took it and threw it away. Later two other kids were chasing a large hoop down the hallway using sticks to keep it going. She told the good lads to ‘Keep it up!’ and gave them both a penny for a malted beverage during their lunch break.” After that he just kept typing “Change is scary.” over and over again, finally closing with the money shot:

All I know is if I was a parent of a U-City High School kid, I’d want that “interim” tag removed off Dayle Burgdorf’s title right away.

There you go. Well if Mark Schnyder thinks so, she’s got my vote too! Feel free to give them your vote as well! Hell since no one actually has votes in the matter of the interim principal of University City’s high school, I gave him 4 votes. He almost earned 5 votes from me, but he forgot to do the KMOV reporter story thing where they oddly switch to the third person at some point.

Mark Schnyder is a reporter at KMOV-TV.  He will read your comments to his blog.

There it is! You dog, sneaking it in at the end! You got yourself 5 votes now buddy! Someone at KMOV please give Mark a peppermint candy and a pat on the head. He made a difference today!

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