Well So Much for All That Rolen Drama

fantasy_u_larussa_rolen_600According to MLB.com, Rolen is unlikely to see action during the upcoming Reds series versus the Cardinals this week.

Reds third baseman Scott Rolen will likely miss at least three more games due to the presence of post-concussion symptoms.

Following the team’s 5-2 win Sunday against the San Francisco Giants, head athletic trainer Mark Mann told reporters Rolen wouldn’t engage in any strenuous physical activity until his symptoms (including an inability to focus) subside.

Over a week ago, Rolen was plunked in the head with a pitch.  At the time it was thought he would be back in action for St. Louis giving rise to thousands of “Rolen vs LaRussa: Round 2” columns and tweets.  It was not to be though as clearly Rolen’s symptoms still haven’t subsided.

One theory is that Don Tony called in a hit on Rolen so he didn’t have to deal with a series that is all about his failed relationship with his former third baseman…however that theory is blow apart by simply looking at who hit him.

Rolen was hit in the head by a Jason Marquis pitch Sunday. He returned to action by homering Wednesday and going 1-for-5 and scoring twice in Friday’s win over the Giants. Manager Dusty Baker said Rolen didn’t feel entirely right after the game.

So Rolen was laced in the melon by one of the only people that Tony has pissed off more than himself.  “All My Cardinals” is really a soap opera the world should be watching…its crazy!

Here are some future storylines we want to see:

  1. Rolen get amnesia and forgets what team he plays for and the fact that he hates Tony, showing up in the Card’s locker room ready to play third.  The Cardinals decide to let him, and give DeRosa a night off since they can’t stand Thurston over there any more.

  2. Tony has a evil nice twin!

  3. A guy with a goat shows up and puts a hex on the Cardinals.  Er…wait…what are the odds of that happening twice in the same division?

  4. Todd Wellemeyer gets possessed by the devil.  He pukes green stuff between every inning, but it adds 5 miles on his fastball and his breaking stuff is sharper so Dave Duncan tries to let the rest of the staff “catch it” by making them all have a sleep over.

  5. Joe Thurston falls down an elevator shaft and lands in a coma.  Both his defense and batting average stay unchanged so no one notices.