Post Dispatch Managing Editor Put in Recycling Bin


Pam Maples, the managing editor of the Post Dispatch is out as of August 18, ending her three year stint in that position.

Oh and they say she is “resigning”, if you want to believe that.

We don’t.

Here’s why:

  1. No one…I repeat…no one…puts out a press release or an announcement on a Friday evening unless they want people to never notice it.

  2. The Post Dispatch is no refilling the position.

  3. Sure the newspaper industry is in the crapper, but she has had some successes, like finishing as a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize earlier this year.

  4. She’s not one to just leave a job like this, and she’s way too young to be going on a “find yourself” mission.

The Post Dispatch kicked her to the curb, and to save face they announced it as a resignation.  We aren’t speculating that she got fired for personal poor performance, she got let go by industry wide poor performance.  After looking at publications like The Huffington Post actually make money in this economy, newspapers are learning quickly that they need to trim all the fat they can to survive and upper management makes a lot of money.

We have had an encounter with Pam and our thoughts were that of many others we know that have crossed paths with her: “Holy shit.  Calm down and lean back in your chair you psycho…no one wants to fight you.”  Basically, although she can be a pain in the ass of both people on the outside and her own employees, few fought for that paper more than she did.


[Editor’s Note: Fun fact…if you do a Google image search for “Pam Maples,” by page three all the results turn to Pam Anderson photos.]