When the Fur Flies in St. Louis, Gabe Hartwig Takes a Photo

Yes, we are a perfectly awesome blog that leaves clumps of blogging gold in the cat box on a daily basis, but let it not be said we are conceited! There are other blogs in St. Louis that we love, and “Girl, You Lost Your Weave” is one of them. The idea here is brilliant. If you’ve lived or visited St. Louis, I know you’ve seen some spare hair lying on the ground and if you didn’t, look closer. [Read More]

The Mysterious Hampton Wig Trail

Anyone lose some wigs on Hampton? If you did, that would really make this less of a mystery, but until you fess up, this is some weird crap right here. According to our source there was an apparent trail of wigs going down Hampton Ave. in the area of the Target there at Chippewa. Here are some photos: []2 Yes, we’ve considered that the furry objects could be something else other than wigs, but I don’t think tribbles are that dark and only I need a merkin that big, so we can’t think of what else they could be. [Read More]