Comparing Our LaRussa Roast to the Actual One

About a month ago the roast of long-time Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa was announced and, shockingly, our name was left off the guest list! We roasted him anyway. Go internet! The actual roast took place last weekend though at the Annual Dinner of the St. Louis Chapter of Baseball Writers’ Association of America though you may know them as SLCOBWAOA. The “roaster roster” included Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland, broadcaster Mike Shannon, Fox2’s Martin Kilcoyne, actor Billy Bob Thornton, famed college basketball coach Bobby Knight, and former Cardinal Steve Kline. [Read More]

You Can’t Stop Us From Roasting Tony LaRussa

We’re hearing talk of a Celebrity Roast of Tony LaRussa, everyone’s favorite/least favorite Cardinal manager. “We’ve love to roast Tony! We graciously accept your invitation.” …is what we would have said had it not got lost in the mail or something. No matter! We can roast him whenever we want with the power of the internet! What we would have said is below. Read that while we go search for weird porn (the other power of the internet). [Read More]