Jailed State Senator Jeff Smith Tells Us What a “Prison Wallet” Is

(Photo: Jeff Smith, right, with one of the guys he met in prison I guess…wait, no. It’s Bill Streeter.) Jeff Smith, the Missouri state senator who was jailed last year after being found that he lied to the feds during questioning about a conspiracy with Voters for Truth to run negative ads against opponent Russ Carnahan, has written a little piece about his time in the clink and in it he answers questions like “What does ‘get chalked’ mean? [Read More]

Links, Because We Care, But Not Enough For a Full Post

The RiverFrontTimes’ DailyRFT has Jeff Smith’s resignation letter, plus about 300 other posts about Jeff Smith. JoeSportsFan.com has video of my personal favorite Busch Stadium beer vendor showing how the pros announce what they are selling! Who loves the bad economy? Libraries of course! Speaking of libraries, apparently you can masturbate in them! Who knew? Not me! I mean there are some computers that I think are pretty covered so I mean its wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but…look, I mean who’s to say what constitutes masturbating anyway? [Read More]

Mr. Smith Gets Kicked Out of Jefferson City

State Senator Jeff Smith appears to be on his way out of office one way or another, and soon. For those unfamiliar, Democratic Senator Jeff Smith has held is seat for the 4th district since 2007 after teaching at Washington University and University of Missouri St. Louis. Smith lost his first political bid in 2004 after being narrowly defeated by Russ Carnahan in the primary for the U.S. House of Representatives. [Read More]