Updated: Listen to Mike on 550am @ 2:40

Update! Here’s the audio from my visit to The Mindset: Mike Visits “The Mindset” on KTRS 550AM Original Post: Our illustrious and crazy awesome editor, Mike Flynn, will be on KTRS 550 am’s The Mindset with John Brown and Trish Gazall today at 2:40pm talking about Facebook, Twitter and the new Google Buzz. Take a listen and see how many times he can plug this website without Charles Jaco busting in from the lunch room and trying to choke him live on the air. [Read More]

Former St. Louis Cop Sues Facebook

Bryan Pour, who probably had a pretty bitchin’ beer-drinkin nickname in college, was fired from his post as a St. Louis police officer after a brawl/shooting incident outside of a bar. Pour also got a parting gift of a felony charge of aggravated battery with a firearm with the possibility of 30 years in the clink. What does Facebook have to do with this? An attorney for Pour now want to force Facebook to disclose profiles and any messages exchanged between people involved in the 2008 incident or witnesses, including investigators. [Read More]

Beatle Bob is Our Fan, You Should be Too

If you love this site, and I know you do, you need to be a fan on Facebook! It’s easy to do, just go to our Facebook page and click the “Be a Fan” link. We always try to put extra content up there and get our new posts delivered to your Facebook stream. Also, if we give any stuff away or do any contests, you guys will know first! [Read More]

Be Our Fan on Facebook!

We just started our Facebook Fan page and we are trying to get to 100 fans as fast as possible! Get on Facebook and add us as a Fan! Come on! Don’t be a bitch! Being a fan means you will get our extra Facebook content sent to your Facebook stream, and we promise to not just use it as a list of links to our stories. Thats lame. We put new content in that stream, like stuff that couldn’t make it in to posts, funny photos, and some times ever talk about things we are planning for down the road. [Read More]
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