Former St. Louis Cop Sues Facebook

Bryan Pour, who probably had a pretty bitchin’ beer-drinkin nickname in college, was fired from his post as a St. Louis police officer after a brawl/shooting incident outside of a bar.  Pour also got a parting gift of a felony charge of aggravated battery with a firearm with the possibility of 30 years in the clink.

What does Facebook have to do with this?

An attorney for Pour now want to force Facebook to disclose profiles and any messages exchanged between people involved in the 2008 incident or witnesses, including investigators.

Facebook has refused to release the requested evidence, citing the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 2000.

Oh.  So nothing.

Unless the profiles and messages exchanged are uncovered to find them begging Bryan Pour to shoot them, I don’t see how this helps his case.

I mean, unless the guy he shot was always sending him notification for Mafia Wars.  Thats really freaking annoying and I would totally understand shooting him then.

via KSDK