Mardi Gras Condom Beads, Because No One Wants You Drunks to Be Someone’s Mom

The Shanti, will be handing out “condom beads” during this weekend’s Mardi Gras festivities. Why? Because you’re all skanky. [Teresa Parker, owner,] said she decided to participate in handing out the beads because she wants to promote safe sex and thought it was a good theme with the adult band, Digger’s Lounge, playing this weekend. The condom wrapper says “Catch these not STDs” and includes a phone number for testing. [Read More]

St. Louis Dudes Have the 10th Biggest Wangs in America

That’s right! 10th! …and the best part is, this is finally a good list to be on! Now if you’ll excuse us… Hey Boston, where you at? Oh 15. That’s cute I guess…glad you barely made the list…it’s probably a “nice” size which we both know means its small. Kansas City! Looking good out there not even ranking in the top 15, its cool though, we hear fat chicks will take just about anything. [Read More]