Now’s Your Chance to Buy That Homemade Submarine You’ve Always Wanted

You know how you’re always saying how “corporate” submarines are these days and you think stuff like safety checks and stringent testing just takes to soul out of the metal tube you’re counting on to survive while you’re under water? Well we found that “indie” submarine you’ve always wanted dude! It’s only $800, but you do have to drive to Jefferson County to get it.

This sub works very well. Used many times and can hold up to 4 people. (if you squeeze). Powered by propane and natural gas. If your interested call Andrew anytime [number redacted]

Not sure why he’s selling it though, as a good homemade submarine is really handy here in the middle of the continent. However, we hear those lifeguards at the pool can be real dicks about bringing stuff like this in there. Oh so that little girl can take like three water noodels, but no submarine?! If they let something like this in the pool it could be really popular for fat kids. It’s the ultimate shirt you wear in the pool! You could probably even store some snacks in there…maybe one of those rotating hotdog machines. Andrew has chosen to market it to four dudes that don’t mind squeezing in together though, so he’s going a different direction. Each to his own.

Speaking of which, here’s the photo attached to the Craigslist ad:

Can you freaking imagine 4 people in there? “If you squeeze”?! No freaking way. What four guys would ever want to squeeze in to something like that?!

…oh, right. Well that really shouldn’t count. Anyone can squeeze their 4-man crew in to a little yellow submarine if two of them are dead.

via Craigslist and our tipster who may or may not have been Ringo.