August Busch IV to Leave AB InBev’s Board

According to Bloomberg, August Busch IV, the former CEO of Anheuser-Busch and current media-dodging playboy of a recently deceased girlfriend, will join the ranks of the unemployed after he leaves his seat on the AB InBev board of directors after a April 26th shareholder vote to bring in two new members.

The news is not surprising, but it’s gotta be tough to give up that sweet gig, but it’s not clear if this means he will also be losing his 100k+/month salary from AB Inbev as a special consultant, product taster and official “makes sure the couch doesn’t float away” guy, which was negotiated during the buyout.

One less pseudo job means he’ll have even more time to date ladies! We’d say to make sure you have really good insurance if you dare date him, but let’s be honest, after the first date no one’s going to cover you with all the risk involved.

via Bloomberg (and our tipster!)