At Punching Kitty HQ: A White Castle Candle

An “interesting” little item got dropped on our laps last night: A White Castle candle.

Though we certainly don’t consider ourselves one of the White Castle crazy group, we enjoy a little steamed burger from time to time. That being said, this thing stinks. As in it doesn’t smell good. It looks cool, but the chance of it ever getting lit at Punching Kitty HQ is about the same as Mike Shannon staying sober past the seventh inning.

Now if you want your home to smell like a White Castle, then although it’s not our jam, this candle is for  you. It does smell quite a bit like a White Castle burger. It fails though if you want it to incorporate the smell of loneliness and despair that you can only enjoy if you get out of your car and enter the White Castle yourself.

One more shot after the jump.