Gangs Clean Up North St. Louis City, Still Plan to Shoot at Each Other

According to KMOX State Representative Jamillah Nasheed and Alderman Antonio French talked to gang members and got them to help in an O’Fallon Park cleanup project.

French met with some gang members recently and helped them come up with “Operation Unity” — a weekly community clean-up effort, “They care about our community, too. They live here and grew up here. Many have kids of their own living here. They want to bring up the quality of life in their neighborhood. We’re getting them involved, organized, and working together.”

French followed up, “We still had to bribe them though.”

French says as an incentive, the area will get a new basketball court and the gang members may possibly get some construction work.

How do you even go about contacting a gang?  Is there some sort of hotline, or do you have to mark the back side of a mailbox and then meet them in a dark alley where they cover your head and take you to their liar to meet their leader sitting on a throne made of stolen car stereos with like four janky looking white chicks with cornrows and bikinis all around him? …then you find out that he’s not the leader at all. It’s actually the old white guy that has a really important job so that no one would ever think it was him. He’ll end up getting greedy and get exposed though by the grizzled cop after his young partner is killed in the line of duty.

If you are wondering what movie I’m referencing, the answer is: All of them.

via KMOX