Really? KSDK’s Art Holliday Has a Fan Club

Last night we ran across the Art Holliday Fan Club on Facebook.


It gets better though. It’s 350 members actually aren’t just there for the irony. They make use of the discussion board with topics like “Art’s Many Looks” where Patricia Cashman writes:

He has got tons of class. He always looks like he is straight out of GQ, but honestly, when he wears his suspenders without his jacket on…I just think he makes all the other men in the news business look like wimpy. Jennifer always says that he is the “best dressed male anchor”. I think he is perfectly, flawlessly groomed in ANY group of men. I’ve never seen him in his tennis clothes, but I wish someone would post a picture!!

How can this get any better? …what if the actual Art Holliday fully participated in his own fan club and dropped in non-sensical one-liners?

I never disagree with a woman holding a gun.

Art Holliday

That, from the man himself, was the next post in the discussion. Also, we love it when people don’t at all get the internet or facebook and “sign” their comments as though we don’t see the author’s name at the beginning of the comment.

KSDK mornings partner chimes in as well. Jennifer Blome drops this note:

OKAY fans, did you ever wonder what Art does during the commercials?

Little know fact…During the McDonald’s commercial, he sings along.

Imagine if you will…”Give me back that fillet of fish. Give me back that fish”

Wish you all could be here!!!

…to which Art replies…

That crazy song is on a loop in my head. I’ll never look at a fish sandwich the same again.


…and then some other person says…

HAHA! That story just made my evening! Thanks Jennifer!!

What?! How could that have possibly made your evening?! How horrible of an evening could you have been having that a story about Art Holliday singing to a commercial “made” it for you?! Were you being viciously raped by an escaped lion? Did you contract a flesh-eating virus? Did the naked Puerto Rican you keep in your basement escape? How could that have in any way made your evening! Impossible.

Is this for real? I know this post has no structure, no meat to it, and we’re very sorry, but we are just in awe of the awesome weirdness of Art Holliday’s Facebook Fan Club…that he himself joined…and so did Jennifer Blome.

What the f*ck is going on here?!