Carol Thinks the Post Dispatch Jumped the Shark, and SuperDave Concurs

I’m not 100% sure that Carol knows what “Jumped the Shark” means, but I am sure she must lead a sad little life to have this bug her so much.

From STLToday’s Letters to the Editor blog:

I think the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has finally jumped the shark. I knew they were biased against Republicans, but to not have put Michael Steele’s picture on the front of Saturday’s newspaper was a major gaffe that spoke volumes. Mr. Steel is the first African-American Chairman of the RNC. He is now the leader of the Republican Party. For the first time in history, the leaders of both political parties are African-American. For the past six months, Mr. Obama has been on the cover of every publication day after day.

Yet, when the Republicans nominate an African-American to lead their party, his story is relegated to a one-inch blurb on p. A17.

Folks, if you didn’t think the St. Louis Post-Dispatch had left-wing bias before, now the proof is in the pudding. Apparently historical achievements only matter at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch if you are a Democrat.

Carol Size

Alright Carol.  Fight the power!   Obama crushing McCain and cruising to be the first African-American president probably needs just as much coverage as the new RNC.  You are so right Carol the P.D. is totally biased and biased people make me sick…wait….who did you vote for again?  I have a guess!

Well don’t worry Carol…SuperDave has your back!  Yeah…a guy named SuperDave.

Carol, we all know that the Post Dispatch in in bed with the Democrats. If it had been a Democrat we all know of the wall to wall coverage.

Maybe he will be on 60 minutes soon being bombarded with hard-hitting questions with many of them misleading. Then again if it is a Democrat they ask really tough questions like “How is your day?”

Hey, now you know why all the Left leaning newspapers are failing. They only appeal to one half of the population, and most of them can’t read!

SuperDave has cracked the code!  Newspapers are failing because they lean left.  Not because they are stuck in their old-media ways or that advertisers are fleeing to other forms of media…its because they lean left and only 50% of the population reads them. 

First off, there was this thing back in November that said that its not exactly 50% in this country, but thats besides the point. As if this statement could be any more obvious: It doesn’t matter which way you, newspapers or the gnomes you think are trying steal your underwear lean, you’re a moron SuperDave.