Your Guide to Each Side of 270


I went out to the parent’s house out in the depths of St. Charles County today for the big game.  It was the first time I’ve traveled west of 270 for the first time in months and after reminding myself of the differences I thought I would make a little field guide for those that stick to their side of town.

East of 270 you will see:

  • Obama bumper stickers
  • VW Beetles
  • Black people
  • Evidence of car theft
  • Buses
  • Martini bars

West of 270 you will see:

  • McCain bumper stickers
  • Wal-Marts
  • Minivans
  • Cut off jeans
  • Those “3” stickers that I think have something to do with Nascar
  • Lakes

Anything I’m missing on either side?