InsideSTL and KFNS’ Tim McKernan to Get Married to Girlfriend

According to Deb Peterson of, Tim McKernan, who looks like a thumb if he tilts his head a certain way (see right), and of InsideSTL and 590AM KFNS (and previously 1380AM KSLG and before that, KFNS again) is getting married to his girlfriend of two-ish years. McKernan said today that he got down on bended knee while the couple watched a perfect sunset on a beach in Sanibel. “That’s how it went down,” he added. [Read More]

The Morning After Moves to KFNS

When there’s smoke there’s fire, and we have been swamped with both anonymous tips and confirmations from reliable sources all saying that 1380’s popular morning show The Morning After will be moving to competing AM sports talk venue KFNS as with in the next 30-45 days. The morning show, staffed by front man Tim McKernan, Jim Hayes and Doug Vaughn has been KSLG 1380AM’s only decent property for some time now, with the rest of their day-part covered by bottom feeding shows and closing out with St. [Read More]