The Morning After Moves to KFNS

When there’s smoke there’s fire, and we have been swamped with both anonymous tips and confirmations from reliable sources all saying that 1380’s popular morning show The Morning After will be moving to competing AM sports talk venue KFNS as with in the next 30-45 days.

The morning show, staffed by front man Tim McKernan, Jim Hayes and Doug Vaughn has been KSLG 1380AM’s only decent property for some time now, with the rest of their day-part covered by bottom feeding shows and closing out with St. Louis’ own Glenn Beck of sports, Kevin Slaten who has had a history of good ratings but has slid dramatically in the last few rating periods to a new low recently.  Though The Morning After gave 1380 its only show worth a damn, that show brought with it many of the day parts that have failed so mightily recently as 1380 made a deal with McKernan, owner of the local sports and semi-attractive girls’ tits-focused website InsideSTL, to purchase the morning hours until midday. The experiment, though cheap to run for 1380, has thus far been a failure.

1380’s counterpart in this AM sports talk midget fight is KFNS, who is pulling the Morning After back in to the fold after the much talked about breakup of the original show The Morning Grid that featured McKernan, Hayes and Fox2’s Martin Kilcoyne who currently works at KFNS doing the morning show and will now be shifted to middays.

What does all this mean? Not much. 1380 is probably one step closer to the radio grave, seeing as they are apparently letting McKernan walk after the ink on his last 1380 contract is barely dry.  The other inconsequential but annoying outcome will be the inevitable Dan Ceasar piece in the Post Dispatch where we all get do enjoy KFNS manager Dave Greene blather on about how they are doing great even though no one listens to their station. Either he’s a liar or advertisers in this city are amazingly dumb…frankly either or both could be true.

Look for some over-hyped announcement on InsideSTL in the next few weeks.

Also look for a steady stream of butter-faces and butter-everythings being photographed with plenty of overly photoshopped side-boob on InsideSTL where they will claim these “girls nextdoor” are totally hot! …to us its just one more reminder that in St. Louis, the “girl next door” is on meth, not all that attractive yet overly-hyped.

No you (or your girlfriend/wife) though. You (or her) are totally hot. You know who I’m talking about…not you though. You (or her) are totally boneable.