InsideSTL and KFNS’ Tim McKernan to Get Married to Girlfriend

According to Deb Peterson of, Tim McKernan, who looks like a thumb if he tilts his head a certain way (see right), and of InsideSTL and 590AM KFNS (and previously 1380AM KSLG and before that, KFNS again) is getting married to his girlfriend of two-ish years.

McKernan said today that he got down on bended knee while the couple watched a perfect sunset on a beach in Sanibel. “That’s how it went down,” he added. Being a real gentleman, McKernan had already asked Mom and Dad Benassi (Susan and Terry) for a thumbs-up on his plan to propose.

Very sweet of McKernan to propose in Sanibel, FL rather than in the middle of the MGM Grand during a break in a poker tournament. What a great little story there Deb. How’d they meet?

The couple met when Benassi came to work for

Sounds about right. When the current marriage isn’t working out so well, time to hire ourselves a girlfriend! Being the boss is awesome!