Cardinals Prepare to Ship Out Shortstop Brendan Ryan

The quirky Cardinals shortstop that’s had a permanent reservation at Tony LaRussa‘s dog house appears to be on his way out of St. Louis. After the Cardinals acquired ex-Cub Ryan Theriot from the Dodgers, the writing has been on the wall for Brendan Ryan, the mustachioed gentleman in the photo to the right taken a year ago when one of the local clubs had its douchebag collection on public display.

Is this really it though? Can’t Brendan sill rock out defensively, even though he can’t hit above his weight? Tell us Derrick Goold of STLToday!

The motive for moving Ryan is even more spurious. It seems like the Cardinals are willing to trade him not just because he had a down offensive year and remains a confounding riddle at the plate, but because his personality (his perceived personality) isn’t a fit. That is a flimsy reason to give up on his potential and give away his glove.

There you have it. Brendan is really out because there’s something about him that got under people’s skin, and clearly, as the photo above suggests, he was a bad influence on young Colby Rasmus. A dismembered Mickey Mouse shirt AND the flat bill hat with untucked chain?! You’re lucky you can hit Colby. Tony don’t play that.

If only Brendan was a little less weird and much crappier defensively, only then could he have most certainly become a Tony favorite like Aaron Miles. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be and it appears Ryan will be long traded before spring training begins.

In the meantime, you hard-core Brendan Ryan fans can buy his locker nameplate from the 2010 season:

Don’t all go rush to at once now.