Pearl Jam Knows How to Work a St. Louis Audience

Pearl Jam doesn’t have any dummies working in the marketing department. They worked the St. Louis angle to a tee. The only thing else they could have done was put some thin crust pizza on there and make the Cardinal whine about the glory days of being in a all-dude high school. From The Ticket Guys’ who snapped a picture of a Pearl Jam concert poster and sent it out on their Twitter account. [Read More]

Pearl Jam Holds an Impromptu Contest in St. Louis

The scene: Yesterday around 4pm, Twitter The official Pearl Jam Twitter account spits out a seemingly innocuous “Twitter Contest” tweet. “Hmm, whatever.” You thought. “Its probably in New York, or LA…its freakin’ always in one of those two places. Screw it, I’ll click on the picture anyway, might be some hot chick (or dude) in it.” Vintage Vinyl! Whaaaaaaa?! Yup. Pearl Jam tossed a little awesome St. Louis’ way. Anyone know who won? [Read More]