A Translation: From Jealous Poet-Speak to English

So I guess Elizabeth Alexander’s inaugural poem has been getting panned by people in poetry circles. For instance, in an article on guardian.co.uk, Carol Rumens said that “Elizabeth Alexander’s praise poem was way too prosy” You bitch! Eh…I guess…is that what the poetry circle calls getting “panned,” or being, as STLToday.com called it, “harsh?” STLToday.com’s Book Blog had more on this issue though, when they called on River Styx editor Richard Newman on what his thoughts on Tuesday’s most famous poem. [Read More]

President Obama’s First Act to Name This “National No Other News Than Me” Day

I sure hope no cute little white girls get abducted today or Nancy Grace won’t have anything to talk about tomorrow. Why? Because no one can report it, since President Obama’s first act was apparently to call off all other news for the entire day. Think I’m lying? Check the front page of STLToday.com. I’ll wait. See? That’s all there is today. It gets worse though. Not only can no other news get reported, but apparently the reporting that will be done today also needs to be shitty. [Read More]