Lots of Panties Have Been Stolen From the Galleria’s Victoria’s Secret

If Victoria’s secret was that you can just walk in to the store and take a arm load of panties off a table and walk out without anyone noticing, then the secret’s out. Police are currently investigating the theft of over 100 pairs of underwear from a display table at the St. Louis Galleria in Richmond Heights. The theft reportedly occurred at the Victoria’s Secret store inside the mall on Valentine’s Day. [Read More]

Stupid Richmond Heights Kids Are Stupid and Violent

Police told me that it was a game called the ‘Knock Out Kings’ and they targeted me because I looked weak and feminine. It is a sick game. I mean it is a stupid game, it’s a sick game. Games are supposed to be fun. This is not fun at all. It’s not fun to get knocked out. It is not fun to get your nose fractured No, it doesn’t found very fun, but that’s life in St. [Read More]

Apple to Open Its Largest Mall Store in the US Saturday at the Galleria

As our friends at the St. Louis Egotist have already pointed out this week, Apple will be re-opening their St. Louis Galleria location in new bigger digs. It will be Apple’s biggest mall-based store ever, topping out at 6,000 square feet and will feature a new “Genius Lounge” area in the front of the store equipped with free WiFi and cute little emo Apple chicks that will convince you to buy another iPad (“Ok so you have one right? [Read More]