Stupid Richmond Heights Kids Are Stupid and Violent

Police told me that it was a game called the ‘Knock Out Kings’ and they targeted me because I looked weak and feminine. It is a sick game. I mean it is a stupid game, it’s a sick game. Games are supposed to be fun. This is not fun at all. It’s not fun to get knocked out. It is not fun to get your nose fractured

No, it doesn’t found very fun, but that’s life in St. Louis: You take the Metrolink to work at the Galleria, and before you can barely get off the platform, a bunch of shit-heads roll up and punch the crap out of you in broad daylight. All you wanted to do was get to work, and these guys go to work on your face?! What the hell is wrong with people? The goal is to just go around in broad daylight and knock some poor guy out that didn’t see it? Sweet. You sound pretty tough playing that game hoss. Maybe after sucker punching people you can go do some other super hard bad ass stuff like taking candy from babies, falling off some logs, or playing computer solitaire with one card draw, no card limit or keeping score with the fluffy kitty card deck.

via KSDK