South County Library Displays Creepy Collection of Someone Else’s Dead Royalty

Collecting Raggedy Ann dolls, tea pots and Popeye stuff just isn’t enough for some people. Some times you gotta go for the gold and top it all off with a collection of stuff about a dead person that was briefly royalty to a group of people several thousand miles away. [Helen] McKenna collects tea pots and tea cups. She collects Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. She owns a collection devoted to all things Popeye. [Read More]

Markquis Bryant Has $11,400 in Parking Ticket Fines

In KMOV’s “Is This Why We’re Broke” segment, they dealt with people flaking on parking tickets. The story is largely boring and pays no mind to the fact that every other city in the world probably has the same, if not worse, problems collecting fines like these, but there is one interesting part. The #1 parking offender is Markquis Bryant and he owes some $11,400 in parking ticket fines! According to the the treasurer’s office, the top offender is a man named Markquis Bryant. [Read More]