South County Library Displays Creepy Collection of Someone Else’s Dead Royalty

Collecting Raggedy Ann dolls, tea pots and Popeye stuff just isn’t enough for some people. Some times you gotta go for the gold and top it all off with a collection of stuff about a dead person that was briefly royalty to a group of people several thousand miles away.

[Helen] McKenna collects tea pots and tea cups. She collects Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. She owns a collection devoted to all things Popeye.

But perhaps most prized is her Princess Diana collection.

McKenna’s collection of Princess Diana memorabilia is on display in the lobby of the St. Louis County Library’s Weber Road Branch.

Not exactly the Smithsonian, but you know what? This $3,000 pile of $24.99 hand-painted (individually numbered!) collectors plates and one, what can only assumed to be a Princess Diana sex doll, isn’t exactly the Wright Brothers plane. Her husband, who we’re sure expects to be stuffed and mounted in a Prince Charles outfit upon his death, was only quoted indirectly in the piece. When McKenna was asked if she was a “collector’s collector”:

“Oh yes, I’m a big one,” McKenna said. “My husband says he’s happy we have a two-story house.”

What we’re sure he meant to say was that a heroin addiction would have been cheaper with far shorter suffering period for her family. …oh and speaking of which!

“I told my granddaughter if I die it belongs to you,” she said. “Never sell it, pass it down.”

Also being passed down will be 6 cats, loneliness and some crippling depression.

via Suburban Journals