Some Guy Shot a Dog Twelve Times

Ron Jackson is in custody today after someone found his dog in a city dumpster after it that had been shot 12 times and choked with an electrical cord. That punishment seems a tad over the top, but this is what happens as the nation’s newspaper companies begin to fold. What do you expect us to correct our dogs with now that no one gets the newspaper?! We certainly don’t to risk breaking our Kindle. [Read More]

Whatever the Hell This Thing Is Kills Dogs

You’re not reading this and that’s ok. We know your gaze is locked directly on to the lone open eye on that monkey’s butt that guy calls a face, which also just happens to be the single grossest and creepiest eye ever. There’s no use trying to figure out what this guy could have possibly done to a witch doctor to deserve that kind of a ugly spell, so we’ll keep going anyway with telling you about this guy’s story. [Read More]