Some Guy Shot a Dog Twelve Times

Some Guy Shot a Dog Twelve Times

Ron Jackson is in custody today after someone found his dog in a city dumpster after it that had been shot 12 times and choked with an electrical cord. That punishment seems a tad over the top, but this is what happens as the nation’s newspaper companies begin to fold. What do you expect us to correct our dogs with now that no one gets the newspaper?! We certainly don’t to risk breaking our Kindle.

If that’s not crazy enough, here’s this, which also serves as the good news: The dog is alive and in decent shape considering.

Despite the dog’s back legs being paralyzed because of a bullet lodged near his spine, the rescue and shelter group has been instrumental in his miraculous recovery. The abused dog, now named OP (short for Optimus Prime), is aided by a donated, custom-built cart and is now living with Stray Rescue’s founder, Randy Grim.

Grim attributes the success of finding and arresting Ron Jackson to the city’s Animal Cruelty Task Force started by Mayor Slay.

“This partnership is working on many levels,” said Mayor Slay. “First, our Refuse Division employee was attentive enough to find this animal and bring it to Stray Rescue’s attention. Stray Rescue was able to give the dog another chance for a good life. And now, thanks to the Animal Cruelty Task Force, the individual will be brought to justice. I thank all involved, especially Randy Grim and Officer Naes, for their good work.”

Nicely done all. Truly a worthy Thanksgiving story.

Now if only Mayor Slay would finally start up that St. Louis Human Cruelty Task Force we’ve been asking for. It’s mission: Help fix the crime issue, buy people’s homes who just want to leave town, and forcibly restrain anyone who thinks its a good idea to tell others about their big “Black Friday” plans / achievements.

via KMOX