The Telegraph Calls St. Louis ‘America’s Greatest City’

The Telegraph Calls St. Louis ‘America’s Greatest City’

Wow, thanks Telegraph. The British paper recently had an article in their “Expat Life” section claiming that St. Louis is the best city in America for the Brits to visit. The author is Mark Sutherland, who moved to St. Louis 20 years ago and apparently has yet to have been murdered. Always nice to hear a success story!

Sutherland just loves him some St. Louis. You can find all the English flavor you need…

Whenever I need a Branston pickle and cheese sandwich, I head to the London Tea Room. If I’m craving Tennent’s on draft, the Scottish Arms is the place to go. Or if I have a desire for some British sweets, I can head to the British shop. No matter what my need, I have plenty of options to choose from.

…he loves that we love soccer aka “real football”…

But what may surprise my fellow Brits is how huge real football is over here. They call it soccer, but they still love it. There are countless leagues, run by schools, churches, sports associations and others, and you can play both outdoor and indoor versions. They have kids’ leagues, competitive leagues, a semi-pro team, and old geezer leagues. The city is home to a football team called the Rams who won the SuperBowl a few years back. Even the 1950 US World Cup team that beat England 1-0 was from St Louis.

…an he even likes our beer…

My favourite, Schlafly, even brews an incredible 80-Schilling Scottish Ale and a brand new Single Malt Scottish Ale. Throw in karaoke, a highly common occurrence at local establishments, and you’ve got a smashing good time to be had.

Yikes. Sorry about the karaoke. That’s a special breed of American that does that kind of thing. Don’t judge us all for their mistakes.

via and The Telegraph Weekly World Edition