The Best Way to Keep Your Car From Being Stolen is to Leave Your Child in There

The Best Way to Keep Your Car From Being Stolen is to Leave Your Child in There

A man’s car and child are safe today, but early Sunday morning he was running down the street in fear of never seeing either of them again.

According to police, the child’s father was dropping someone off at a home in the 4100 block of North Florissant around 4 a.m. The father was walking that person to their door when someone jumped into his running minivan and took off with the child still inside.

The father chased after the his van, but was not able to catch up.

Holy crap. Stream of conscious reactions…go!

  1. Probably shouldn’t be leaving your kid alone for even a second, but…

  2. …you’d like to think you can walk someone to a door without getting your car stolen.

  3. Maybe next time just turn the car off.

  4. Who you are dropping off at 4 am on a Sunday that you have to walk to the door?! You usually pack up the baby to go give your Saturday night bootie call a ride home?

The car was found abandoned by police less than 10 minutes later. The child was unharmed.

Ah, ok. Good! So there you go: Leave your kid in the car and anyone that steals it will probably just leave it down the street when they realize there’s a kid in the back because, straight talk time, no one else wants your kid. Seriously. It’s not as cute as you think it is, and it’s head is still very oddly shaped. It shouldn’t still look like that.

The trick is to leave some snacks and a blanket in the car because it will get awful cold on the street at night, and everyone needs an emergency bag of Fruit Loops handy.

via KMOV