Mother of the Year: Krystal Rushing of Rosewood Heights, IL

Mother of the Year: Krystal Rushing of Rosewood Heights, IL

Krystal Rushing of Rosewood Heights, Illinois was arrested Sunday. Why? Great question. A couple of things really. The first of which is that the police found her two year old daughter, wandering around alone at the intersection of 9th Steet and East Airline drive at 7 am. We’re not sure what that area’s like, but she’s a two year old so it really doesn’t matter…the point is that she was wandering around by herself next to roads while her mom (above) had just started to look for her when the police arrived.

According to police, the child was wearing only a diaper. Officers located the girl’s mother, 24-year-old Krystal Rushing, who lives on nearby Fern Street.

Rushing was reportedly outside looking for her daughter when officers arrived.

Ok, so the police find her daughter roaming the mean streets of the Metro East, and while returning the child, they find the mother out roaming the streets looking for the girl. Nice to know she cares, but how fast can a 2 year old really go? She really screwed up.

But wait, there’s more!

The second thing she’s in trouble for is a second count of child endangerment. You see, while she was out running around looking for her two year old that the police found, she had left her one year old at home…alone.

Pretty clear now that the first child was just trying to escape and the one year old would have too, but it’s not quite as mobile as their big sister. What a crushing event. Your sister manages her escape from your weird, fat, bloody-faced, horrible mother, but she leaves you behind, and then when a chance for your own escape presents itself, you remember: “Damn, I’m only one. I can’t get anywhere on my own yet. Hell, lets just eat some paint chips and hope for lead.”

If you read the baby’s quotes in your head with the voice of Bruce Willis, this whole thing plays out like a later, darker version of “Look Who’s Talking“, but this time Kirstie Alley pretty much plays herself.

via KMOV