New in St. Louis: People Getting Shot For NOT Buying Drugs

New in St. Louis: People Getting Shot For NOT Buying Drugs

Early Sunday morning a north city woman was reportedly shot in the chest after she refused an offer to buy some drugs. Take away lesson? If you live it St. Louis, it appears that when someone offers you drugs, it’s safter to just take some since the one thing you can’t go to rehab for a bullet in the chest. Please inform your kids about this change in standard parenting lesson protocol.

Amazing to think about: “No thanks, I dont’ need any drugs.” *BLAM* WTF is wrong with people who kill kids that say no to drugs? …Oh god! Someone go check on Nancy Reagan immediately!

The 37-year-old victim was standing with a second person on the 4400 block of Farlin Avenue around 1:10 a.m. when a male suspect reportedly approached the pair and tried to initiate a drug deal.

Officials said the victims refused the offer and the suspect opened fire, striking the female victim in the chest.

This “getting shot for doing the right thing” initiative in north city is really taking off. In addition to this horrible crime, north city has thugs at street corners shooting anyone helping an old lady, and patrolling various neighborhoods looking for anyone doing homework or eating their vegetables. We hear Phase 2 of Project “Why The F*ck Would Anyone Live Up There” involves wiring explosive devices to Tivos to kill the awesome roommate that catches the show you like that you’re missing and make sure it gets recorded for you.

via KMOV