Heroin Must Make You Hot or Something

Heroin Must Make You Hot or Something

Outside air conditioning unit are being stolen all over the Godfrey, Illinois area and police think it might be related to that area’s favorite new hobby: Heroin.

The thefts of outdoor units, nearly twenty of them, have taken place in every month since February.

…but no one noticed until it got hot?

Madison County Sheriff’s Lt. Kris Tharp says the targets are homes and businesses.

Brillant! Why bother stealing all those outside air conditioning units on cars and skateboards when “homes and businesses” are right there for the taking?!

Lt. Tharp says they are talking with persons of interest and have collected some physical evidence.

Ah, they’re trying “police work” this time. It’s an interesting gambit, but it might just be crazy enough to work.

He says even if someone is charged in the Godfrey thefts he sees this as a trend across the metro.

You hear that folks? “Stealing for drug money” is the big new trend in the metro area! We never thought that we’d see the day when the area’s criminals stopped committing crimes simply for the love of the game, but we guess that’s a sign of the times. Damn shame.

via KMOX