O’Fallon Man Got Busted For Being Internet Perv

Robert Stevens, a 34 year old man from O’Fallon, Missouri, was charged with five counts of being a total perv after exposing himself to teenage girls on the internet.

A St. Charles Sheriff’s Department detective wrote in court documents that in September, Stevens opened five separate user accounts on the social networking site myYearbook.

The website captured the images of Stevens exposing himself and notified authorities. The default settings to communicate via webcam to other users was set so that Stevens could communicate with 13 to 17-year-old girls, the detective wrote.

Stevens admitted he opened the accounts, misrepresented his age, and exposed himself on the webcam, the detective wrote.

Holy shit!

…people actually use that myYearbook site? Have these kids never heard of Facebook? Seriously, have you ever heard anyone say “look me up on myYearbook!”? Just typing that felt weird. …oh and the showing your dick to underage girls thing too, but wow. myYearbook?! Is that where all the MySpace creepers went? If so, can someone post a bulletin that the illusion that you’re a14 year old is broken the minute your hairy old man balls make an appearance on camera?

You know this guy got quite the shock when the authorities showed up at his place to book him with cold hard proof from the website that he was putting his wang on camera for kids. This guy can probably barely work his Blackberry and then they throw down screenshots from the myYearbook “PenisFinderBot 3000” and you know he had the crushing feeling of a future in prison mixed with a little bit of “Damn! They can tell if that’s a penis on camera with computers these days?! That is crazy…and really would have been nice to know that earlier.”

via STLToday