North City White Castle Thief Thought She Could Make the Jump

A North City woman is in the hospital after jumping from the roof of a third story building because she was being chased by police after robbing a nearby White Castle drive-through. You know an illegal adventure involving White Castle looks like fun in the movies, but in real life Neil Patrick Harris isn’t always there to catch you when you fall.

The employee handed a locked cash drawer to the woman who then drove away.  Police tracked the woman’s car to the 1900 block of Warren Street and entered a building where she was located.

The woman then jumped from the third floor roof of the building and was seriously injured in the fall.

Running theories as to why on earth this lady thought she could take a three-story fall include: she ate a large portion of the White Castle burgers she stole during the getaway and thought her farts might soften her fall like a jet pack…or she’s just a f*cking moron.

via KSDK