The Important Thing Was She Gave the Pervert the Correct Time

When you’re 17 you do some crazy stuff. One summer a few of us guys decided to make a pact to get laid before we went to college, it was a wild time trying to get laid and win the bet. One guy screwed a pie, another guy banged the other dude’s mom and along the way we coined the term MILF that is still a popular parlance today. That may have actually been a movie I saw when we were 17, but still…wild times. We remember the popcorn was pretty buttery and we when realized we didn’t have any napkins…we wiped our hands on the seat. Right on the seat! …long story short, we felt horrible about it and told the janitor right after the movie, but oh man! You should’ve seen the look on his face! It was probably a lot like the look on a Godfrey woman’s face after Latayuss Curry showed her his chubby in the Schnuck’s parking lot. …nailed it! That is how you segue my friends!

The KMOV Channel 4 report on the incident says…

Latayuss Curry approached the female victim outside the Godfrey Schnuck’s Grocery Store and asked her for the time.

Ok, you know this is going to end, but what we really want to know KMOV is: Did she give her eventual eye-rapist the correct time?

She proceeded to tell him the correct time.

Oh, thank goodness! …We’re not kidding. KMOV is actually reporting that she gave him the correct time. Not sure how they can be so confident in that statement, but ok, we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

Curry then pulled down his pants and exposed himself. The victim became alarmed…

Here we go! we bet she was alarmed! What’d she do KMOV? Kick the guy? Stab him? Was she packing heat and splattered the guys junk everywhere?

…and walked to her car

She really doesn’t actually seem all that alarmed. Time to take it up a notch Latayuss!

Curry followed her to her car and exposed himself again.  The victim told police he also rubbed his body up against her.

We would have just moved up to shaking it a little, but actually putting it on her is a bold move. How do you follow that one up?

Curry then took the victim’s wallet…


…but the victim was able to take it back immediately.

Well, not everything can work out perfectly. Plus, where were you going to put it with your pockets around your thighs?

Curry fled the area on foot.

Good move. At this point, that’s all you can do. Show’s over.

Interestingly enough, Latayuss Curry was only recently linked to this incident after being arrested a few days later on a separate charge. As for the lady? She’s probably going to stop wearing her watch. Only perverts don’t know what time it is.

via KMOV