Mizzou Quarterback Blaine Gabbert Leaves for NFL

Oh Mizzou fans, wasn’t it much easier when you had a starting quarterback that was a little short guy that was good but not good enough that any NFL team would pick after 255 chances? You had to go out and recruit a tall kid with a strong arm and good mobility. Now he’s gone.

“This is definitely a bittersweet day for me, I was really looking forward to having a chance to do some special things next season with my teammates, but in the end, this is the right decision to make for myself and my family,” said Gabbert.

…and with that statement, Blaine Gabbert takes the early lead for the understatement of the year. Why on earth would a kid choose to spend more time in Columbia when he could go in the 1st round of April’s NFL draft and be a millionaire? Oh we’re sure he’ll totally miss Harpo’s though. Probably get all wispy about it right when he getting a half and half from some ridiculous broad in the back of his Escalade.

Meanwhile, now that the question of “Will he or won’t he?” has been answered, attentions turn to “Where will he go?”

Currently, and this stuff changes every day until April, ESPN draft expert Todd McShay has Gabbert going #5 in the draft to…you’re really not going to want to hear this…Rams division rivals, the Arizona Cardinals.

Gabbert has risen up the board late in the season thanks to the size, arm strength and pocket mobility to develop into an effective starter in the NFL.

If true, expect Kevin Slaten, the tree falling in the woods of St. Louis radio, to already start carving Gabbert’s name in to his arm right next to Kurt Warner’s. We also have something carved in to our arm, but we don’t need to get in to what the meaning of “fatty” is or what high school was like.

via STLToday