Blogger Startled by Shockingly Boring Headline

Woman Startled by Person Outside Her Window

Real headline from KMOV. While we keep looking for “Woman Burns Hand on Hot Plate After Waiter Told Her It Was Hot” you check out Mr. Block Quote:

Belleville Police were called to the 500 block of North 40th Street just after 8 a.m.   The resident told police she was sitting in her living room when she heard a noise coming from her bedroom.

When she went to investigate she found the window open and a person standing just outside.

The woman told police the person fled when she screamed.

Ok, that’s a little creepy with a man peaking in to an empty room. What else happened? Have a knife? Gun? Wang hanging out?

No further details on the matter were released.

So nothing else? She saw a guy by her window and called the cops… There have been a bank robbery every day for a month it seems like and yet this is news? It’s like the Wild West but with more reports of pervy teachers and preists than I remember reading about in history books these days and KMOV is going with “Woman Startled by Person Outside Her Window”?

Maybe this is a story, but it would have to have been Steve Buscemi outside the window. Then it’s news and also really really scary…and then pretty awesome actually.

via KMOV