Get All the Hipster You Can Stand at the MetroLink Prom

[Update: Jesus. Maybe you don’t consider them “Hipsters” but who gives a crap? Feel free to replace the word hipster with nerd, dork, wannbe-hipster, giraffe, whatever. For the record: “Hipster is a slang term that first appeared in the 1940s, and was revived in the 1990s and 2000s often to describe types of young, recently-settled urban middle class adults and older teenagers with interests in non-mainstream fashion and culture, particularly alternative music, indie rock”. A Metrolink Prom would be non-mainstream culture.]


The MertoLink Prom is apparently coming up this weekend and according to the event’s page on Facebook 186 people are down to attend this hipster circle jerk probably with a bunch of dudes dressed in tuxedo t-shirts thinking its a new joke and tons of chicks in glasses they don’t need and in a dress they spent 3 hours at the Goodwill looking for. After the “prom” they’ll all go drink beer they hope you’ve never heard of and talk about when each of them went to Bonnaroo.

Please join us for the 3rd Annual Metrolink Prom!

There’s been two of these already?!

Dress to impress and be at the Convention Center Station by 7:30 where we’ll catch the Westbound train to the Big Bend Station. At Big Bend we’ll elect the next Metrolink Prom King and Queen. This is a voice vote so bring your entourage!

We’ll then take the Eastbound train to Laclede’s Landing where the party will continue at The Big Bang Bar. Party guests will get free admission and $3 drink specials.

Metro fare is $2.75 for a two hour pass.

Here’s a picture from a previous year and I don’t want to say I told you so……but we told you so.

If you go this weekend send us some photos! We would especially love photos of the geeky chick that never went to prom before and has found new confidence in her body with her Wash U Philosophy major friends and goes with the dress that’s a little too slutty. You’ll know who we’re talking about when you get there.