Facebook: Foiling Morons’ School Shooting Plans Since 2010

Remember that movie Minority Report where the police have psychics that can see the future and stop people from doing stuff before they do it? The future is now. Thank you Facebook.

10:18am “Thinking about stabbing this guy in front of me with my fork.”

1:32pm “Cleaning out my fridge! Can’t fit a cut up full-size woman in here will all this left over Chinese food! LOL”

3:45pm “School’s almost out! Hope I don’t forget my gun tomorrow. Better sit it next to my backpack tonight so I don’t forget.”

…that last one is kinda real.

All the old people can shake their fists all they want at “social networking”, but participate or not, kids put everything about themselves on line these days, and this time it probably saved some lives.

A 15-year-old Parkway Central student is in custody and accused of making threats against his school and classmates. Another student saw his Facebook page that contained what she thought were some disturbing messages, so she contacted the school. Officials then contacted Chesterfield police. The 15 year old was taken into custody Friday after police investigated his Facebook page and questioned the teen.

What did the kid say? Was it that “homework is lame”?

An official with the school district said the page contained photos of weapons. One student says the page included a photo of one of the Columbine shooters.

Police are not saying what exactly the threat was. What they are saying, though, is that the student was planning an attack on the school and students.

That’s all?! Pictures of weapons, threats and being a “fan” of teh Columbine shooters? That’s all it takes to get questioned by the police these days? Geez…people are so touchy.

…no. In all seriousness, that’s pretty amazing horrible. It’s cool though. Parkway Central is all over this:

The school details those measures in a letter heading home to parents and staff.

Yeah, that ought a do it.

via KPLR

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