Craigslist: Saw You in Them Pants

“Saw you in them pants!”

Oh you sweet talker you! What’s this? Did our panties just drop?! Damn we knew we shouldn’t have worn our loosest pair of panties while going through Craigslist’s Missed Connections.

saw you in them pants – m4w – 42 (wentzville walmart)

****you were working in the dairy section with a price gun and tight pants.

your in your 40s and are as fit as a fiddle. ass and legs ! nice !!

thought you should know that you turned a man on today.

i think i need some more milk, 2%

hope not to get you in trouble with this, you did nothing wrong ,

other than work out too much on them buns.

i had a bright shirt on today. color ??

“…thought you should know you turned a man on today.”

This has got to just work wonders on the ladies.  “I did?! That’s great! …so should I just go ahead and start blowing you right here in the store now?” …or something like that.

“…you did nothing wrong, other than work out too much on them buns!”

This one works really well because, you see, the women-folk aren’t as smart as us fellers. You gotsta reassure them and such. “Baby, you didn’t do anything wrong.” and then they’re like “What? Why are you saying that?!” and that’s when you drop that hammer… “except work out too much on them buns!” Bam! Right then she’ll probably just yank that Walmart vest clean off and start pressin’ her boobies up against you and such. True story! Happened to a friend of my cousin’s.

…if that don’t work, show them how shiny your truck wheels are.

via Craigslist and photo from People of Wal-Mart