The Cardinals Are Horrible

Its not just the bullpen, or the starting pitching, defense or hitting…its everything. The Cardinals suck. Oh we’re only a few games out of first, and we certainly aren’t the Pirates, but for the St. Louis Cardinals, they suck. With this much talent they should be running over people but they aren’t. Its not they don’t have the talent they thought…its just that they flat out aren’t playing well.

…so the question must be asked: Is this it for Tony LaRussa?

Are we saying he’ll be fired? Ha! No way, no chance, no how! But Tony has always said he’ll manage until he either no longer loves the game or the team stops listening to him. From the looks of it, the latter might be true.  Shoddy defense, and giving up in the 8th inning when behind aren’t the way Tony operates, so that conclusion is hard to miss.

There’s still half a season left, but right now, its looking like Tony might need to really evaluate his mantra at the end of this season.