99.1 Joy FM Launches

The Jews killed Jesus and now Jesus killed classical music in St. Louis. When will man’s violent march stop?!

99.1 switched from one of the only 16 classical stations to christian rock 99.1 JoyFM today.

Joking aside (for just a moment though) people are really either pissed or over-“joy”ed. There seems to be no middle ground…well I guess some, since we really don’t care that much.

Reports on the station after it’s first few hours of life are exactly as you would think: If you like Christian Rock, you love it. Seems like everyone should have seen that coming, but there’s a lot of surprise out there that makes us think otherwise.

Oh, and then there’s the news that the station owners are being dicks to the employees they just cut loose. Apparently if they want their severance package, they can’t work for anyone at all for the whole six months. What kind of setup is that?!  I guess for the people laid off there are only one set of footprints in the sand because their contractually obligated to not walk with anyone else on the beach for six months.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we need to go wait by our inbox for a message we just know is coming.

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