Mayor’s Nephew Charged With Stalking

27 year old Benjamin Slay, nephew to St. Louis mayor Francis Slay, has been charged with “aggravated stalking” after violating a court order by coming in contact with…well…someone he wasn’t supposed to.

The victim or their connection to Slay has not been released. Its gotta be an ex of some sort though right?

It would be cooler though if it tied in to another St. Louis celeb. Like maybe he was stalking Ted Drewes. Yeah! Lets get this rumor going. You tell 2 people and so will we!

via KSDK

[Editor’s Note: Sometimes we like to not say something just to make a game out it. Like for this post, who will be the first commenter to make the butt-hole comparison with the concrete in Ted’s hand?! We can’t wait to find out!]