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Here are some links for things going on today you might be interested. Picked just for you, because we like you so much. Is that a new shirt? Looks great. Have  you been working out? …oh. Just the shirt then? Still looking good though!

  1. The Cardinals lost. No the Diamondbacks are not good.
  2. Someone at Boeing is striking again. Still checking if anyone other than them cares…wait all done…no.
  3. The guy that writes the stuff for “gossip” columnist Jerry Berger thinks the Leisa Zigman is a celebrity. That’s cute. By cute, we mean retarded.
  4. Oh being on the beach sure looks fun. JC Corcoran debates whether or not Sarah Palin got a boob job.
  5. Cards Diaspora breaks down the Jeff Suppan signing. Everyone loves that Suppan “thumbs up” photo.
  6. Unicornio!